Vegetable Samosa:3.99

Crispy fired turnovers stuffed with potatoes and green peas.

Mixed veg Pakora: 3.99

Veg fritters deep fried in chickpea batter.

Onion Bhaji: 3.99

Deep fried onions in chickpea batter.

Mirch Bhaji: 4.99

Deep fried peppers in chickpea batter

Paneer Pakora:6.99

Home made cheese deep fried with gram flour

Gobi Manchurian:5.99

Couliflower sauteed in manchurian sauce.

Chilly Paneer:6.99

Home made cheese sauteed with onions and pepper in hot sauce.

Taste Of India Veg Platter: 8.99

Samosa,Vegpakora,Paneer Pakora,and Aloo tikki


Cold Apttezer made with specially made sauce  and ingrediants

Samosa Chat: 5.99

Aloo Tikki chat: 5.99

Channa Chat: 5.99

Matar Chat: 5.99

Sav Puri: 5.99

Bhel Puri: 5.99

Dhai Puri: 5.99

Pani Puri: 5.99

Chicken Tikki Chat: 7.99

Shrimp Tikki Chat: 8.99


Chicken  Samosa:4.99

Minced chicken samosa

Chicken Pakora:4.99

Marinated tender chicken pieces deep fried with chickpea batter.

Banjara Scallops:8.99

Scallops tossed in tangy mint sauce

Masala  Calamari: 8.99

Deep fried Calamari with Dakshin Tadka

Shrimp Pakora:6.99

Marinated shrimp Deep fried in gram flour .

Tandoori Chicken wings:5.99

chicken wings Marinated in yogurt and spice and baked in tandoori oven

Desi Wings:5.99

Chicken wings Marinated in mild spices and tossed in spicy tomato sauce.

Taste of India Non-Veg Platter.: 9.99

"shrimp,lamb,chicken,sheek kabab tossed with green pepper and onion."

Haryali Chicken: 5.99

cubes of chicken marinated with mint and coriander sauce.

Chicken Lolly Pops:5.99

Chicken wings marinated and fried in special mix.

Chilly Chicken:6.99

Marinated chicken sauteed with onion and pepper in chilly sauce.

Chicken 65:6.99

Cubes of chicken marinated in special sauce and tossed with curry leaves.

Bhukari Jinga: 8.99

Shrimp marinated and roasted along with selected spices


Malgatwani: 3.99

Tomato: 3.99

Hot & Sour: 3.99

Coconut: 3.99

Chicken: 3.99

Vegetable: 3.99


Tarka Dal 9.99

"Yellow lentils smoothly blended with tomatos ,herbs and onions."

Dal Makhanl9.99

Black lentils cooked with butter and spice.

Channa Masalala9.99

chick peas cooked in onion gravy

Paneer Tikka Masala 12.99

Grated Indian Cheese cooked in velvety creamy sauce with tomato gravy.

Shyam Savere12.99

cheese balls rolled in spinach and cooked in malai sauce.

Paneer Malai Methi12.99

Cubes of paneer cooked in malai sauce

Veg Tikka Masala12.99

"Selective veg cooked with pepper ,onion  in tikka masala sauce."

Kaju Curry14.99

Cashews cooked in velvety creamy sauce with a touch of almond paste.

Novratan Kurma12.99

Mixed vegetables cooked in creamy sauce with coconut milk

Alo Gobi12.99

Cauliflower and potatoes cooked with mild spice

Matar Paneer12.99

Green peas and home made cheese in Curry sauce

Vegetable Vindaloo12.99

"A great combination of veg and potatoes rice vinegar, red wine and lemon juice in spicy sauce."

Malai Kufta12.99

Vegetables and cheese balls in rich sauce

Saag Paneer12.99

Spinach cooked with mild spice and cottage cheese

Bhindi Masala12.99

Okra cooked with onions tomatoes and peppers in mild spice

Kadai Paneer12.99

Special wok used to cook this dish with peppers and tomatoes along with cubes of cheese.

Paneer Bhurji14.99

Greated paneer cooked with cashews and velvet creamy sauce

Baign Bharta12.99

Mashed egg plant cooked with ginger and garlic

NON-VEG                  Chicken Lamb Goat

Curry-Chicken                        10.99  13.99  13.99

Traditional Indian Curry Sauce.

Andhra Curry                        10.99  13.99  13.99

A spicy curry with curry leave and mustered seeds

Tikka Masala                        12.99  15.99  13.99

Exotic creamy sauce cooked with a blend of spice and fresh garlic

Dhaniwal Korma                      12.99  15.99  13.99

"Tender boneless meat cooked in cashew, almond and coconut
sauce along with ginger ,garlic,homemade spice."

Kadai                            12.99  14.99  14.99

Special blend of spice cooked in a vessel called kadai

Mango Curry                        12.99  14.99  14.99

Curry sauce Blended with mango and a blend of special spice.

Coconut Curry                        12.99  14.99  14.99

Curry Sauce Blended with coconut and almond milk along
with curry leaves.

Sagwala                           12.99  14.99  14.99

Fresh spinach in curry sauce

Lolly Lolly                          12.99  14.99  14.99

Tender meat cooked with velvety creamy sauce with a touch
of tamarind sauce

Xacuti                            12.99  14.99  14.99

Goan preparation roasted spice with coconut for a sweet
and savory curry

Vindaloo                          12.99  14.99  14.99

Goan preparatio of potato and the meat with rice vinegar
with a touch red wine.e

Makhani                           12.99  14.99  14.99

Creamy butter sauce with tomatoes

Subjiwala                          12.99  14.99  14.99

Tender meats cooked with selective vegetables.

Chettinadu                         12.99  14.99  14.99

A great spice combination form southern part of India

SEAFOOD                 Fish Shrimp Scallop

Tikka Masala                          13.99  15.99  15.99

cooked in Chefs specialty sauce with peppers and onio

Amrithsari                        13.99  15.99  15.99

A Punjabi style fish curry with mild spice

Malbar Curry                      13.99  15.99  15.99

"A great combination of curry leave,fenugrec ,mustard seed
and coconut milk."

Goan Curry                       13.99  15.99  15.99

"cooked with a special blend of coconut and tamarind

Moilee                         13.99  15.99  15.99

lemon infused coconut sauce

Kasa                          13.99  15.99  15.99

"Mughlai dish cooked with cashew paste,coconut milk and a
special blend of spice."


Vegetable Biryani9.99

Himalayan grown aromatic Basmati rice baked with selected vegetables.

Channa Biryani 9.99

Himalayan grown aromatic Basmati rice baked with garbanzo beans

Egg Biryani10.99

Himalayan grown aromatic Basmati rice baked with eggs

Hydrabadi Dum Chicken Biryani12.99

"Traditional Mughlai dish ,succulent chicken baked with spiced rice in chefs secret spices."

Goat Biryani14.99

"Traditional Mughlai dish ,succulent chicken baked with spiced rice in chefs secret spices."

Seekh Kebabs 14.99

Savory pieces of minced lamb marinated with Indian spices and grilled in the clay oven.

Lamb Biryani14.99

"Traditional Mughlai dish ,succulent chicken baked with spiced rice in chefs secret spices."

Shrimp Bbiryani 15.99

"Traditional Mughlai dish ,succulent chicken baked with spiced rice in chefs secret spices."

Fish Biryani 13.99

"Traditional Mughlai dish ,succulent chicken baked with spiced rice in chefs secret spices."

Lobster Biryani19.99

"Traditional Mughlai dish ,succulent chicken baked with spiced rice in chefs secret spices."

Scallop Biryani15.99

"Traditional Mughlai dish ,succulent chicken baked with spiced rice in chefs secret spices."

Chicken 65 Biryani13.99

Himalayan grown aromatic Basmati rice tossed with Chicken 65



Masala Dosa7.49

Mysore Masala Dosa7.99

Onion Dosa7.49

Paper Dosa7.99

Paper Masala dosa8.99

Rava Dosa10.99

Rava Masala Dosa10.99

Onion Rava Masala Dosa11.99

Sandwich Dosa7.49

Paper Dosa9.99

Cheese Dosa9.99


"Special Uthappam Onion, chilly, tomato.

Puri Bhaji9.99

Channa Batu9.99


Rasmalai 3.99


Gajar Halwa3.99

Rice Pudding3.99



Roti (A 100% Wheat Bread)1.99

Garlic Naan2.99

Garlic and Cheese Naan3.99

Onion Kucha (Onion Naan)2.99

Bullet Naan (Chilly Naan)3.99

Peshwari Naan ( Naan With Nuts and Raisins)4.99

Chicken Tikka Naan 4.99

Keema Naan (Minced Meat Naan)5.99

Bread Basket5.99

"Naan, Roti and Garlic Noon"


Kulfi 3.99

(Malai, Pistachio , Mango,)

All Flavors of Ice cream3.99



Onion Salad2.99

Sweet Mango Pickle1.99

Mixed pickle1.99

Masala Papad2.99



Strawberry Lassi2.95

Raspberry Lassi2.95

Sweet or salt Lassi2.95

Watermelon color3.95

Mango Slush3.95

Mint Lemonade3.95

Panna ( Raw Mango Drink)3.95


Paneer Shashlik15.95

Paneer cubes marinated and grilled with tomato onion and pepper

Sheek Sakahari14.95

Selected vegetables grilled in Tandoor clay oven to perfection and served on a sizzler

Tandoori Chiken12.95

A tradition of India,chicken marinated and baked in Tandoori oven

TOI Spl.Mixed Grill19.95

A combination of chicken ,lamb,fish, Malai kebab

Chicken Tikka16.95

Chicken breast Marinated in ginger garlic yogurt and mild spice.

Malai Tikka16.95

Chicken Breast marinated in ginger garlic cashews and almonds

Boti Kebab19.95

Lamb Marinated in Chefs special sauce and Grilled in clay dven

Barara Kebab19.95

Chicken Breast marinated in ginger garlic cashews and almonds

Fish Tikka16.95

Salmon marinated in ginger garlic and yogurt , baked in clay oven

Haryali Chicken16.95

Chicken Marinated in mint and coriander sauce ,baked in clay oven


Slices of eggplant grilled and topped with sour cream, tomato,onion,and mild spice seved on a sizzler

Sheek Kebab14.95

Minced Chicken lightly spiced and baked in clay oven


House Salad4.95

Paneer Salad5.95

Shrimp Salad6.95

Chi Tikka Salad6.95

Three Leave Salad5.95

Modi Salad6.95

(Price according to the daily market)


Tandoori Ron

Whole leg of lamb marinated and baked in tandoor

Baked Baby Lamb or Goat

whole baby lamb or goat baked wild aromatic spices.

Machili-D- Machilipatnam

whole fish baked with garlic ginger and celery with dry tomatoes and spices

Crown of Lamb

Rack of lamb rubbed with selected spice and baked in tandoori oven .

Kaikaloor Crab

snow crab legs cooked in spicy sauce with eggplant